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Jerry L Margolius & Associates
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About Us

Jerry L Margolius & Associates CC

Jerry L Margolius and Associates CC Limited is a specialist property consultancy Organisation specializing in a range of Property Valuation, Sectional Title Consultancy and Arbitration.

The organisation of which is managed by Jerry Margolius has been actively involved in this industry in excess of 30 years. Included amongst its Client base Government Departments, Embassies, Listed Companies, Private Companies, Trusts and individual property Owners.

The range of Property Services include:

Property Valuation

  • Commercial and Industrial Valuations
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Residential Sectional Title Valuation and Development
  • Property Portfolios
  • Land Restitution
  • Historical Valuations
  • Deceased Estate Appraisals
  • Expropriation (Eminent Domain)
  • Liquidation & Sequestrations
  • Municipal Valuation & Municipal Valuation Objections
  • Private & Confidential Property Investigations
  • Due Diligence reports
  • Forensic Valuations
  • Fiscal Valuations
  • Valuation for Balance Sheet purposes
  • Rental valuations
  • Mortgage Bond Valuations
Arbitration & Mediation Services
  • Sectional Title Dispute Resolution
  • Rental and Property
  • Commercial Property
Sectional Title
  • Consultancy Service to Developers and Owners
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Advisory Service